A Time for Justice
By Graham Pears



A Time for Justice is the second book by Graham Pears in the 'Jet' series. The first, The Myth of Justice, was published by Red Squirrel in November 2009.

It was selected by New Writing North as a 2010 Read Regional title and has been a great success, receiving widespread acclaim.

Francis Whittle - aka Jet - is a Newcastle detective who knows only too well that in the real world good does not always prevail. In A Time for Justice the mysterious delivery of a note and broken watch, then the discovery of a body, launches Jet into a murder enquiry. As the truth dawns he begins to understand that there is a serial murderer at work who also has a keen interest in him. Jet knows the rules of the system in which he operates, so he is well aware if he steps outside them. But what is the difference between a serial killer and a detective if they both believe they are right to break the rules? Will Jet work within the limitations of the system, or will he do what he needs to ensure a time for justice arrives?



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