Wherever We Live Now
By Elizabeth Rimmer


Slate Island Landscape

Stacked cliffs, and thick black slabs,
lined and grooved, and leaved like pastry,
pocked and pointed with fools' gold,
provide settled horizontals,
walls, door-sills, the stepped coastline.

Between the cracks, ripples foam
of thyme, black spleenwort, toadflax
and the slim prongs of grass-roots.

Verticals are finer - blunt spears
of mown flag iris leaves, reeds in flower,
hard rush bristles and sprays
of hair-grass, and seeded sweet bent,
lit with small coppers and common blues.

Wind and sea lay a blue wet-on-wet,
and on it low green islands, with cells
for pilgrims heading west, and on, and out.



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