The Thing To Do When You Are Not In Love
By Stevie Ronnie


"This miniature book holds a beautifully personal collection of poetry by local poet Stevie Ronnie, delving into the past and present of his memories around Newcastle. This poet's muse is his home and his childhood and he succeeds in striking a wonderful balance between delicate language and strong thought. Some of the poems are clearer and easier to relate to. One piece made me remember the summer days me and my sister and cousin spent at our Nana and Grandad's, all three of us squashed into one bed for sleepovers, and the day trips on the bus to the cathedral where she would pack us a lunch and buy us ice cream on the way home. Each poem offered a moment spent with loved ones, times spent passing a favourite spot, even a conversation. Every poem is an experience to be savoured, remembered and then enjoyed all over again just like our own memories of home."

- Hayley Forbes in The Crack in August 2008


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