Sparkle and Dance
By Josephine Scott



She began her life where the sun
burned the soles of her feet
as she ran along the pavement,
tumbled out of trees
where crickets rubbing their legs together
sent her to sleep at night.
He dared her to swim far out to the raft
brought her back clinging to him
like a second skin.
Taught her to sit still and catch lizards
placing thumb and finger
gently round their necks,
had twenty in an old shoe box.
She landed where razor sharp rain
slashed at her tanned face,
legs encased in tights
shoes nipping her toes,
huddled in front of fires
that scorched her face while her back froze.
She grew frail pining for summer,
wandered down to the sea
sat still like a lizard on a rock
waiting for someone to come
and place their arms around her neck.


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