Author Title Cost  
Glass Bob Beagrie Glass Characters £6.99
Glass Bob Beagrie &
Andy Willoughby
Sampo: Heading Further North £8.99
Glass William Bedford The Bread Horse £8.99
Glass William Bedford The Fen Dancing £7.99
Martin Bennett Unlike the Jungle Pheasant £4.00
Peter Bennet &
Birtley Aris
Arcana £10.00
grand William Bonar Offering £6.00
grand Kevin
Making Buildings with Gods and Glue £7.99
grand Kevin Cadwallender / Aidan Halpin The South Face of Groucho Marx £5.00
lovemist Anne Connolly Love-in-a-Mist £6.99
lovemist Anne Connolly A Ravel of Yarns £8.99
almost Dick Curran Almost Persuaded £6.99
almost Ian Davidson The Tyne And Wear Poems £6.00
Digest Chloe Daykin Digestible Fiction £4.00
fullscottish Crista Ermiya The Weather in Kansas:
Short Stories
fullscottish Suzanna Fitzpatrick Fledglings £6.00
fullscottish Cynthia Fuller Estuary £8.99
fullscottish Graham Fulton Brian Wilson in
Swansea Bus Station
fullscottish Graham Fulton Full Scottish Breakfast £6.99
TwistLime Eddie Gibbons A Twist of Lime Street £6.99
fullscottish Matthew Griffiths Natural Economy £8.99
fullscottish Matthew Griffiths How to be Late £4.00
splitscreen Anne Hine Interior £6.00
splitscreen Louise Hislop A Crow in a Crowd £6.00
splitscreen Ric Hool Between So Many Words £10.00
splitscreen Andy Jackson A Beginner's Guide
to Cheating
splitscreen Andy Jackson
Tour de Vers £6.00
Museum Andy Jackson The Assassination Museum £6.99
splitscreen Andy Jackson
Double Bill £10.00
splitscreen Celia McCulloch Life in Strange Places £6.00
splitscreen Colin McGuire Everybody lie down
and no one gets hurt
Bliss Carlotta Miller Johnson Bliss-Don't-give-A-Damn £4.00
Bliss Peter Mortimer and
Sheila Wakefield (editors)
Short Not Sweet £8.99
Daredevil Joan Johnston An Overtaking £6.00
Daredevil Joan Johnston The Daredevil £6.99
KnowFootsteps Eileen Jones Connecting Flight £4.00
KnowFootsteps Tom Kelly Spelk £8.99
KnowFootsteps Tom Kelly I Know Their Footsteps £7.99
Keening Kathleen Kenny The Bedsharers £8.99
Keening Kathleen Kenny Keening with Spital Tongues £6.99
travelling Kathleen Kenny Travelling Like Eggs £6.99
marsen James Kirkup Marsden Bay £6.99
bestiary James Kirkup A Bewick Bestiary £6.99
home James Kirkup Home Thoughts £6.99
rottingspot Valerie Laws The Facebook of the Dead £8.99
rottingspot Valerie Laws The Rotting Spot £6.99
rottingspot Valerie Laws The Operator £7.99
allthatlives Valerie Laws All That Lives £6.99
mustard Ira Lightman Mustard Tart as Lemon £6.99
LeaveBehind Jenny Lindsay You Leave Behind £6.99
EvenSea Eleanor Livingstone Even the Sea £6.99
Harlequinade Al Maloney The Harlequinade £4.00
Harlequinade McGuire As I Sit Quietly,
I Begin to Smell Burning
moon Matthew MacDonald Who Are Your People? £6.00
moon P. A. Morbid Gorged On Light £6.00
moon Peter Mortimer The Chess Traveller £8.99
uninvited Peter Mortimer Uninvited £6.99
Lyart Marion Montgomery Lyart £4.00
Lesley Mountain Dance of the Disappointed £4.00
Edith Sara Park Laughed Out Loud £6.99
Time Graham Pears A Time for Justice £6.99
Time Ellen Phethean Breath £7.99
Time Ellen Phethean Portrait of the Quince as
an Older Woman
Bint Susannah Pickering Digging Up the Dead £5.00
Bint Pauline Plummer Bint £6.99
Bint Pauline Plummer

Dancing with a Stranger

Bint Chris Powici This Weight of Light £8.99
Bint Mike Pratt My Wild Northumbria £10.00
Carolyn Patricia Richardson Scots' Rock £6.00
Elizabeth Rimmer Haggards £10.00
Elizabeth Rimmer Wherever We Live Now £6.99
Elizabeth Rimmer The Territory of Rain £8.99
Alistair Robinson The Land Before Yoghurt £7.99
Alistair Robinson Stereograms of the Dead £6.99
Thing Stevie Ronnie Manifestations £7.99
Judith Taylor Not In Nightingale Country £8.99
TenderNorth Sheila Templeton Tender is the North £4.00
TenderNorth Emma Timpany Over The Dam £5.00
TenderNorth Scott Tyrrell Grown Up £7.99
Sparkle Josephine Scott Rituals £8.99
Sparkle Edwin Stockdale Aventurine £6.00
3 Degna Stone 2 £5.00
Colin Sutherill ogd £8.99
Hypomaniac Steve Urwin Hypomaniac £6.99
Shades Steve Urwin Shades of Grey £6.99
Shades Fiona Ritchie Walker The Second
Week of the Soap
madyak Colin Will The Floorshow at the Mad Yak Cafe £5.00
weeding Colin Will The Proprietry of Weeding £6.99
weeding Colin Will The Book of Ways £8.99
weeding Chris Young Greetings from Glasgow £6.00