By Degna Stone


Pictures of Goldie and Aston

Take a look at my mother as a girl;
a studio portrait kept out of reach
in my parents' room.
I had to stand on their bed
to look into her clear brown eyes.
Silver corners keep her clipped
in place but there is
anarchy in her smile.
She hides her resemblance
to the woman she became.
And here is my father as a boy;
a dusty Jamaican street,
all concrete edges
and fading shop fronts,
runs behind the neat
and serious suedehead
with a pristine shine to his shoes.
Ready to leave "Back Home" –
already dressed like the man
he wanted to become.
Now my christening celebration;
a lopsided shelving unit,
peppered with knickknacks,
hangs on a busily papered wall.
The boy and the girl, married,
stand stiffly behind a table
burdened with daffodils
and a 1974 buffet,
their future behind them.


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