Tender is the North
By Sheila Templeton


'Milk, moonlight and unseasonal blossom offer different shades of white as the backdrop for poems rooted in a keen awareness of time, place and connection. Reflections on the idea of north flow cleanly through the lines, throwing up glimpses of rubies, fire and rowan berries. Sheila Templeton carefully weaves all this into poems which offer comfort beneath cold skies, and an ice axe when required. She is a fine poet who writes with a pleasing grace and subtlety, and this collection should further enhance her reputation'

- Eleanor Livingstone

'...Any poet who can write amusingly about taking Robert Burns and/or Derek Walcott to bed (of course he hogs the duvet) yet can touch you with the intimacy of a father's death has to be worth reading! Sheila Templeton's poems about love, loss, northern landscape, family and growing older are lyrical, astute, often moving, sometimes funny and always beautifully observed.'

- Chrys Salt

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