The Rotting Spot
By Valerie Laws


"Meanwhile, Valerie Laws's crime fiction debut The Rotting Spot (Red Squirrel Press, £6.99) introduces Erica Bruce: recovering anorexic, practising homeopath and all-round canny Geordie lass. Erica also collects puffin skulls, but it turns out that there are a few of the human kind around as well... The book opens with a bang - a Saturday-night birth in the middle of a Newcastle street with new mother Stacey swearing like a sailor - and interweaves a suspenseful story with graphic extracts from 'The Skull Hunter's Blog' that speak of slime, maggots and decay. As Erica crosses paths with Detective Inspector Will Bennett - he of the blue, blue eyes - and skeletons rattle loudly in closets, Laws brings her locations vibrantly to life, allowing you to relish the refreshing North Sea breeze even as it whips her more dastardly characters into a murderous frenzy."

- Time Out


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