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Issue 4 | Spring 2022 | Postbox Magazine

Issue 4 | Spring 2022 | Postbox Magazine

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    Postbox is the magazine of Postbox Press, the literary fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Press publishing short story pamphlets and collections, novellas and novels.


    Writer and musician Colin Will is Editor of both Postbox and Postbox Press, the fiction imprint of Sheila Wakefield’s Red Squirrel Press.


    ‘As I write, in October 2020, the world remains in turmoil due to Covid-19. The cost on every level is horrendous, one case or death is one too many but numbers are extremely high again in what appears to be the predicted second wave. Issue 4 was due to be published in September but is running late along with all publications here at Red Squirrel Press since April. Bertrams, the second largest United Kingdom-based (Norwich) book wholesaler, founded in 1968 in a chicken shed by the late Elsie Bertram and her son Kip, most recently owned by German-based Aurelius, went into administration on 19 June 2020 with the loss of around four hundred jobs. I’m lucky, I have no outstanding invoices with Bertrams but they will owe many publishers, including lots of small presses. When a company goes into administration, despite the old myth of creditors being paid ‘a penny in the pound’, in my experience of business and firms going bankrupt owing me money, there’s nothing left to get. There’s no public events for book launches and I fear for bookshops, especially independents. If you’re buying publications, please try to buy from small presses where possible and independent bookshops. It looks as though we’re going to be restricted by Covid-19 for a long time so continue writing, reading, stay safe and remain hesitant!’


    — Sheila Wakefield

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