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'Silence' and other stories | Tim Turnbull

'Silence' and other stories | Tim Turnbull

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    The collection ‘Silence’ and Other Stories consists of ten weird tales. In each, it is difficult to say whether the underlying horror is caused by the supernatural phenomena and events described, or by human cruelty, callousness, and outright wickedness. The settings range from rural North Yorkshire and its moors to the backstreets of North London; from 16th century France to a near-future New York. Some of the protagonists are dangerously delusional, others bewildered dupes, but all are threatened by implacable forces.


    In the title story, the hero is tricked into attending an avant-garde film festival where he is possessed by a vengeful spirit. ‘History Tells Us’ has an irascible, and possibly murderous, woodsman take his workmate on a moonlit trek over a haunted, wintry moor. ‘A Lucky Charm’ tells of the last day of a cantankerous and cursed antique dealer, ‘Dweezils Ripped My Flesh’ of an egotistical and reckless artist with access to dangerous technology.


    Tim Turnbull is also an award-winning poet and performer. These stories are infused with a sense of menace and his trademark wry, bleak humour.

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