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What The Sand Didn't Tell The Moon | Ric Hool

What The Sand Didn't Tell The Moon | Ric Hool

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    We are carriers of stories; apostles of our unpredictable lives; advocates of adventures and liberators of moments spent in the company of wolves and doves.


    The stories in What the Sand Didn’t Tell the Moon, are woven with projections and revisitations from the author’s travels in Spain, Greece and elsewhere, often as an itinerant musician, always as a poet experiencing the changeable disguises of ‘being’.



    from Ric Hool:


    ‘I can only step sure-footed from my reading of, and thanks to, writers and lyricists and poets whose influences have contributed to the accumulation of What the Sand Didn’t Tell the Moon.


    In the genre of short stories, I turn my head and appreciation towards the earthy realism in the works of Flannery O’Connor and Raymond Carver, whilst exalting the escapism in Richard Brautigan’s writing.


    Warren Zevon sang, ‘I was born to rock the boat’... well, I’m not sure I was but hope these short stories give the boat a wobble.’


    Ric Hool is the author of thirteen collections of poetry and is from Cullercoats, Northumberland. He now lives in Wales.

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