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Word Play | Colin Will

Word Play | Colin Will

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    Colin Will’s new collection of short stories is all about people and the vagaries of human nature: a volcano in Iceland changes a couple’s wedding plans; heavy breathing in a gym leads to a woman changing her attitudes to herself and others, a husband wonders what his totem animal would be. In these twenty stories the author gently considers some of the many ways people interact with each other, and how their own personalities change and develop. The stories are written with humour, empathy and compassion. They arise from the author’s imagination, informed by his experiences and his wide range of interests: he was involved in amateur drama for many years; he has travelled widely; he has a poet’s sensitivity and facility with language. Above all he sees communication between people as essential to their happiness. 

    Colin Will is an established writer living in Dunbar, East Lothian. He has had eight books of poetry published, and one collection of haibun. A short story pamphlet (Getting On) was published in 2016. This is his first full-length short story collection. He is also a musician, playing clarinets and saxophones.

    ‘Exceptionally wide-ranging in their moods and settings, Colin Will’s stories are always deeply felt. He is a writer of genuine sincerity.’  

    —Ron Butlin

    ‘This is an engaging collection of stories. Colin Will shows both sympathy and amusement for the human condition, as his characters negotiate the challenges and experience the satisfactions of the situations in which they are placed.’      

    —Tom Pow 

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