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A Melody Of Sorts | Jon Plunkett

A Melody Of Sorts | Jon Plunkett

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    ‘In a world where authenticity can be increasingly hard to find, Plunkett’s work is the real thing. In a world that grows increasingly cold-hearted and acquisitive and self-absorbed, these poems are encompassing, generous, and deeply compassionate.

        Equally importantly, Plunkett writes with such precision and skill that his work can’t help but strike a true chord with the reader. Poetry, of course, is as much a species of music as a form of literature, and in this outstanding collection Plunkett consistently hits the right note.’


    —John Glenday


    ‘Jon is a quiet man with a wild soul. His voice is gentle and alluring while the truths he delivers are like a punch to the throat. It’s like punk poetry in the form of an ear hug!’


    —Foy Vance

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