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Double Bill | Andy Jackson


Double Bill | Andy Jackson

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    Double Bill is the sequel to 2012’s highly acclaimed Split Screen anthology. Once again, the large and small screens serve as inspiration for some of the UK’s leading poets, but Double Bill also presents poems inspired by music, dance, fashion, radio, art and even sport. Double Bill captures the broad vista of popular culture in an array of over 140 powerful, poignant poems.


    Reviews for Split Screen


    Split Screen will appeal to the fans of the films and shows, but it should also appeal to fans of poetry who want to see how modern poets are responding to what are pervasive, undeniable, but conventionally un-poetic aspects of modern life.’


    —Tess Somervell, Tower Poetry



    ‘Do not adjust your set. This is a book that conjures up an analogue, pre-Sky world and TVs that sometimes you had to thump. It’s an anthology that you will keep returning to.’


    —Greg Freeman, Write Out Loud

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