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Gaitherin | Sheila Templeton

Gaitherin | Sheila Templeton

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    Sheila Templeton writes in Scots and English. She has won the McCash Scots Language Poetry Competition twice, also the Robert McLellan Poetry Competition as well as other poetry prizes. Her work is published in many magazines, newspapers and anthologies. From 2010 to 2011 she was Makar of the Federation of Writers Scotland and she is an engaging, popular performer of her own work. She currently lives in Glasgow. Gaitherin is her fourth poetry collection.


    ‘The list of Scottish women poets is long and illustrious; from Elizabeth Melville, through Violet Jacob and Marion Angus, to contemporary poets like Jackie Kay and Liz Lochhead. Sheila Templeton’s name deserves to join that pantheon. For many years Templeton’s voice, richly Scots, tuneful and melodic (she is a wonderful reader of her poetry!), has been widely heard in poetic and public circles. Her poems in Scots contain writing that is the equal of any of the great poetry in the Scottish canon. Whether reminiscing about her Doric childhood and family, painting beautiful pictures with words that bring her characters and countryside vibrantly to life, or extolling the bizarre idiosyncracies of The Addams Family (!), her poems are a constant joy for the reader. Gaitherin brings together a wonderful collection of poems in Scots and English, some of which have already received public accolades and prizes.’ —Rab Wilson


    ‘A wee gem o a buik, this. Stappit fu wi wit an wisdom, historic an contemporary, Gaitherin is stitched thegither wi a keen ee, threidit wi compassionate humanity. Sheila Templeton’s poetry casually unpicks the hert, and turn aboot micht hae ye greet, keckle, girn or sough. This is a poet whae kin mak a disembodied haun erotic, turn a plant intae a prayer, a sang intae a story, and a story intae sang. Whitever ye’re aboot in life, Templeton’s Gaitherin will mak guid company. It fair sings oot.’ —Janet Paisley

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