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Haggards | Elizabeth Rimmer

Haggards | Elizabeth Rimmer

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    Elizabeth Rimmer has published two previous collections of poetry with Red Squirrel Press, Wherever We Live Now (2011) and The Territory of Rain (2015). She has always taken an interest in herbs and how we use them as symbols for the values we cherish, and produced a modern translation of The Old English Charm of Nine Herbs in 2017. In 2016 she was the Makar for the Federation of Writers (Scotland) and edited their most recent anthology of Landfall. She has also edited two poetry collections for Red Squirrel Press, and is a council member of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics. Her website is


    'Her poetry is deceptive: its delicate observations of the world around her conceal a sharpness of perception that resides in her poet's eye and imagination, and in her accurate intuitions of what will most add implicit depth to a poem. I'm struck by the collusion of subtlety and surprise in so many of the poems, and also by Rimmer's fine use of metaphor and diction. She has an unerring sense of when best to introduce a line break, and of the power of a simple but unusual word-choice.

      I wouldn't want to choose my favourites, but I have to say that some of the poems about plants (the 'haggards') and trees seem particularly alive to me. This is a collection I feel privileged to have had the pre-publication view of; already it's taken up residence at the edge of my own vision.' —Roselle Angwin


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