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How to Walk in The Dark | Helen Lamb

How to Walk in The Dark | Helen Lamb

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    Helen Lamb was a fiction writer and poet whose work was widely published in literary journals and anthologies. Many of her stories were broadcast on radio, and her poems have been reproduced as National Poetry Day postcards. She received Scottish Arts Council writing bursaries in 1999 and 2002, and was appointed a Royal Literary Fund Fellow in 2003. Helen’s books include a poetry collection with Magi Gibson titled Strange Fish (Duende, 1997), and a short story collection, Superior Bedsits (Polygon, 2001). Helen died in 2017, shortly after completing her first novel, Three Kinds of Kissing, published by Vagabond Voices in 2018.


    ‘Helen Lamb’s poetry has an almost magical musicality that leaves phrases and images echoing in the mind. She writes with great sensitivity about both intimacy and loneliness, a sense of mischief plays at the edge of much of her work, and her Thirteen Spells will send a shiver of delight—or fear— along your spine.’


    —Magi Gibson

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