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Issue 3 | Spring 2020 | Postbox Magazine

Issue 3 | Spring 2020 | Postbox Magazine

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    Postbox is the magazine of Postbox Press, the literary fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Press publishing short story pamphlets and collections, novellas and novels.


    Writer and musician Colin Will is Editor of both Postbox and Postbox Press.


    ‘If you listened to the BBC Radio 4 Christmas Day drama, I hope you’ll know it was based on Neil Gaiman’s short story, ‘Chivalry’. The award-winning author offered his top tips on how to write a good story from first line to finished work on the BBC website and it’s invaluable. They include a novel idea on writing short stories. He says, ‘I decided very early, when I was writing a short story, I should write as if I were paying by the word to write it. If in my head every word is costing me money to put down, I’m going to try and make sure that every word counts; that every word does something.’ I’m a huge fan of ‘less is more’ and this dynamic take on the established ‘make every word count’ advice is something for us all to think about. We’re often short of money in the first half of the year, having over-spent at Christmas and grappled with ‘Blue Monday’, so try applying financial restraints to writing short stories and enjoy Issue 3.’


    — Sheila Wakefield, Founder/Editor of Red Squirrel Press                     

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