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Issue 7 | Autumn 2022 | Postbox Magazine

Issue 7 | Autumn 2022 | Postbox Magazine

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    Postbox is the magazine of Postbox Press, the literary fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Press publishing short story pamphlets and collections, novellas and novels.


    Writer and musician Colin Will is Editor of both Postbox and Postbox Press, the fiction imprint of Sheila Wakefield’s Red Squirrel Press.


    ‘As I write, the nights have been lengthening for a while and although the daylight hours have continued to be warm, there’s a chill in the air later in the day now and it is, officially, autumn. It’s always been my favourite season, not an end to anything at all but a beginning. In many parts of the northern hemisphere, nature presents us with a patchwork quilt of scarlet, green and shocking orange leaves to rival the vibrant colours and picturesque beauty of the world-renowned “fall” tours of New England in the United States. It reassures us that the trees will return, taller, broader and stronger. Wildlife is acutely aware of the changes of course, prepares for the coming three months and the winter which follows in order to ensure survival. It’s also our opportunity to take stock, coorie doon (snuggle down, settle in), restore ourselves by resting, reading and writing. It’s almost impossible to write without reading and autumn and winter make great seasons to catch up on our reading piles. We can gain inspiration, write and edit work that we’ve written previously. A story written a while ago, with a little rewriting and editing, might become dynamic. A “new writing year” doesn’t have to begin on 1 January, it could begin now...’

    Sheila Wakefield, Founder/Editor Red Squirrel Press

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