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Issue 9 | Autumn 2023 | Postbox Magazine

Issue 9 | Autumn 2023 | Postbox Magazine

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    Postbox is the magazine of Postbox Press, the literary fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Press, which publishes short story pamphlets and collections, novellas and novels. Their founder and editor-at-large is Sheila Wakefield.


    ‘Autumn is here again, the season of change and there are changes here as my dear friend Colin Will is stepping down from editing Postbox. We’ve been friends for a long time and his Calder Wood Press and Red Squirrel Press were often interchangeable. Colin published pamphlets and if he had a poet who was ready for a full collection, I’d sometimes publish it and if I had pamphlets that I was struggling to accommodate, he would publish those for me. A few years ago, when Colin told me he was reaching the end of his second term as Chair of StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival, winding up Calder Wood Press and finishing his work at Belhaven Community Garden, he asked me if I was able to think of anything for him to do. I don’t think he imagined Postbox but it’s established now; Colin is leaving it in extremely good shape, and I’d like to welcome Sam Tongue who is taking over. I want to take this opportunity to thank Colin from the very bottom of my heart for everything he has done for me, Red Squirrel Press and Postbox. I’ll still see Colin regularly, but I’ll miss him.’

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