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Laughter To Split Glass | Steve Urwin

Laughter To Split Glass | Steve Urwin

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    Steve Urwin is a diarist and ranter from Consett, County Durham, UK.
    A widely respected spoken word performer and multiple poetry slam champion, Steve works as a Creative Writing facilitator and runs Talking Pen, organising the monthly Poetry Jam event at Waddington Street Centre in Durham City and publishing limited edition monographs and pamphlets.

    Once again, this purveyor of provincial darkness draws on life lessons some would rather not experience beyond the confines of a poetry book.
    Although the collection bears much of his trademark bleakness, Urwin has created intriguing characters and entertaining monologues with
    some lovely humour brought to the fore. Disgruntled offspring avoid the criminal embarrassments of the nuclear family. Insubordinate outsiders recall the trauma of school dinners. Expect bully boys, bus queues, letters of love and hate, alternative subculture observations; masochistic instruction manuals, ridiculous political manifestos and the everyday chore of having to do just that little bit more.

    Steve Urwin’s work has a winning combination of humour and deep, deep emotion; here are ordinary lives and ordinary places with all their extraordinary and multifaceted diversity. Poetry can be a map to live by, and Steve Urwin is an expert cartographer.

    Ian McMillan, The Verb, BBC Radio 3

    With poems as energetic as their performer, this collection bursts off the page. These pieces are crammed together in the best way possible: this is lively, it’s loud, it’s wild, it’s tumultuous. Somehow, Steve has managed to publish a gig, but it’s so much more emotionally complex than that. Steve has real range. It really is quite a stand-out collection. This book matters.

    Sophia Walker, BBC Poetry Slam Champion

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