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Life Pours Ordinary Plenty | Pauline Plummer

Life Pours Ordinary Plenty | Pauline Plummer

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    ‘No poet I have come across conjures and distills the flavour of an era—the 60s and early 70s—and places both northern and global like Pauline Plummer. Her poems, whether about her Catholic childhood and adolescence, her Irish family background, or on the crises of refugee displacement in the wider world, are invariably sensory, erudite and eclectic, and often witty. I don’t know how she so consistently hones her voice to embrace both raw and contained, intimate and direct, passionate and subtle. I do know that I admire that skill.’


    — Roselle Angwin, Poet and Novelist, Creative Writing Guru


    ‘Pauline...brilliantly conveys the unease which can arise when affluent Westerners travel in relative luxury through the Third World. [From Here to Timbuktu] grips you like a novel.’


    — David Whetstone, The Journal


    ‘Pauline Plummer writes with an artist’s eye, her work full of colour and texture. She takes the reader through a journey of time and place, giving a sharp insight into other cultures. There is an emotional essence to this collection that portrays the effervescence of teenage years, idiosyncrasies of family, anguish of refugees. Life Pours Ordinary Plenty has a lyrical quality that will linger in the ear long after reading.’


    — Josephine Scott, Poet


    ‘Historically furnished and packed with taste and scent, here are poems of youth and aging, poems of escape and exile, poems about religion and place, all written with humility, tenderness, experience and passion. Amidst the shifts in time and voice, Plummer’s novelistic eye brings the past into sharp focus to celebrate and commemorate lives lived today and yesteryear.’


    — John Challis, poet and academic

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