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Ren and the Blue Cloth | Ellen Phethean

Ren and the Blue Cloth | Ellen Phethean

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    Ren and the Blue Cloth is the sequel to Ren and the Blue Hands


    Former Blue Hand dyer Ren, elevated from lady’s maid to Notary, travels abroad with Lady Lilac to promote the new dye Azurro, and hopes to forget her lover Bark, who’s left her.


    On their arrival in Braymer, Lilac and Ren’s reception by the Merchants’ is cold, and after being involved in a terrible accident, Ren’s convinced there are forces working against her and the dye. Who will believe her and who can she trust?


    In hiding with a travelling theatre troupe, she’s also harbouring a deep secret which will change her life forever.


    Praise for Ren and the Blue Hands


    A convincing world, vividly imagined. The story drives forward with power and presents an intriguing tension between political and moral dilemmas. Set in a believable but indefinable historical past, the work has an oblique reference to the political situation in Europe today that kept me on my toes. Ren and the Blue Hands is a pleasure to read and following Ren’s journey allows you to enter the physical reality of an exciting and hitherto unexplored world.’


    —Pauline Melville

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