Ren and the Blue Hands | Ellen Phethean

Ren and the Blue Hands | Ellen Phethean

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    In a world on the cusp of change, Ren, a Blue Hand dyer, is plucked from the Dye Sheds to become Lady's maid up at Barrow Hall. Excitement turns to uncertainty as her mistress Lady Lilac entangles her in a plot which threatens the Shebble Dye industry that has supported Ren's family and the Islands for generations. When the secret organisation, the Mazards are exposed, Ren must think and act for herself. Torn between helping the conspirators, loyalty to her roots and her love for fellow conspirator Bark, Ren is driven by passion into danger, where right and wrong are hard to tell, and only a terrible event can help her see more clearly. Inspired by real historical events, but set in the fictional 16th Century Calico Isles, Ellen Phethean's YA novel, Ren and the Blue Hands, was long-listed for the Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2012: 'A vividly imagined historical background, and interesting mixture of politics and romance. Ren is a courageous female hero whom readers will empathise with and root for.'

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