Ren In Samara | Ellen Phethean

Ren In Samara | Ellen Phethean

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    Ren In Samara is the sequel to Ren and the Blue Cloth


    Ren, heavily pregnant with Bark’s child, has been captured and taken to Samara where vital trading agreements about the new dye Azurro centre on the child.


    After giving birth Ren is torn between remaining shut away in the women’s quarters with her son, or leaving him and returning home to Calico.


    A shocking death, a binding promise and her commitment to Azurro force her to return to Calico.


    But has she made the right decision and will she ever see her son and Bark again?


    Praise for Ren and the Blue Hands:


    This YA historical fantasy novel, set in an alternative sixteenth century, offers intrigue and romance following the life of young Ren, a Lady’s maid who gets tangled up in an international crisis against her will. Should a country protect itself with walls and rules, and live in isolation from the rest of the world, never changing? Or is it better to share knowledge and goods, increasing wealth and trade? With prescient relevance to the current state of international politics and its personal and emotional impact on individual lives, the novel is transformed into its own unique fictional world through Ellen Phethean‘s strong imagination. Ren’s perspective of a life on the cusp of uncertainty will speak to YA readers. Her humanity and the novel’s central love story will particularly appeal to those wanting a good mix of personal morality and daring adventure.


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