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Rilke's Wellies | Ira Lightman

Rilke's Wellies | Ira Lightman

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    This piece was a special collage/remix/rewrite made to perform at the Scottish Poetry Library, October 1st 2019, for the Vespers reading series. It arose from a collaboration with Scottish poet Alan Riach, whom Ira Lightman first met in New Zealand in 1991. The piece set an atmosphere for Alan to read his own poems about New Zealand, creating a sympathetic energy both about New Zealand and about the post-New American Poetry poetics of the line interesting to both poets and prevalent certainly in 90s NZ. It enlists guest readers and audience participation, in a multi-vocal celebration of selected sonnets of Rilke and Orpheus, alongside remixed ditties from Ira’s Twitter feed, alongside his own poem of first arrival in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1990. The poem can now be tested alongside many New Zealand poems or poetry sequences, pausing every double-page spread for the guest poem to be recited.

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