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Safety Nets | Cynthia Fuller

Safety Nets | Cynthia Fuller

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    Cynthia Fuller has lived in North East England since 1980. She published five poetry collections with Flambard Press between 1992 and 2009. Jack’s Letters Home (Flambard Press, 2006) was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Red Squirrel Press published her last collection, Estuary, in 2015, and a pamphlet, Home is Where, in 2017. She was a poetry editor for Writing Women, and has co-edited several anthologies, including The Poetry Cure with Julia Darling (Bloodaxe, 2005) and North by North-East with Andy Croft (Iron Press, 2006). She worked as a creative writing tutor in Higher and Adult Education, most recently at Newcastle University. Her poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies.


    Safety Nets is tender and poignant, the poems subtle and brave, facing loss, vulnerability and the truth of mortality. Family, place and the natural world create strong roots and scaffolding. The collection is suffused with a deeply satisfying sense of wholeness and freedom, a drawing together of threads. While it looks death in the eye, it is full of life—a celebration and gathering of what is precious. Lots of birds and assorted creatures populate the pages. Cynthia Fuller might be one of them—‘a small dove freighted with so much hope’. Her voice, imbued with memory and presence, delicate with closely observed detail, embodies care and kindness, although not above insightful surprise and humour. Spending time with this book will open you afresh to your life.’


    —Linda France

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