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Split Screen | Andy Jackson

Split Screen | Andy Jackson

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    Split Screen centres on 72 specially commissioned poems from some of the UK’s finest poets. Each poem takes its lead from an icon of popular culture, either from the world of film or television. From Doctor Who, Tom and Jerry, Bond movies, The Clangers to It’s a Wonderful Life, from Tommy Cooper to Jayne Mansfield, each poem is a personal take on a popular theme.


    In keeping with the subject, the poems are presented in sections, interspersed with poems inspired by adverts acting as ‘commercial breaks’. These advert poems are selected from open submissions around the UK, allowing new poetic voices to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more established names. Contributors include George Szirtes, Simon Barraclough, Annie Freud, W. N. Herbert, Kona Macphee, Tim Turnbull and Ian McMillan.


    Split Screen is perfect for anyone who was ever told by their parents that they would get square eyes if they watched too much telly...

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