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Steam | Eveline Pye

Steam | Eveline Pye

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    Eveline Pye was born in Glasgow, worked as an applied mathematician in the Zambian Copper Industry and lectured at Glasgow Caledonian University. These poems explore the inner world and external perspective of her scientific mind.


    ‘Eveline Pye’s poems weave the disparate threads of her multi-dimensional interests into a beautiful tapestry. On these pages we encounter the effects of climate change, the reality of illusion, electricity’s power, butterflies and bees, an antique Periodic Table, a historical marriage, the laws of statistics, the love of algebra, and much more. In the process, the personal meets the universal and science meets poetry in magical harmony.’


    —Sarah Glaz, American poet, Emeritus Professor of


    ‘With spot-on imagery, these insightful poems illuminate the tipping points between chemistry and math, poetry, individual life and climate change. They lay down pure copper on the electrodes of the poem.’


    —Alice Major, Canadian poet

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