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The Lido At Night | Patricia Ace

The Lido At Night | Patricia Ace

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    ‘These poems are wonderfully exuberant. Fierce and tender, brave and unafraid, they fizz with life and energy.’


    —Vicki Feaver


    The Lido at Night bristles with lives and generous insights about them, whether they are mothers, daughters, or characters who grapple with disenfranchisement or other acts of violence. Every speaker is drawn with Patricia Ace’s characteristic full-blooded imagination, musicality, and fierce compassion; as a result, the beauty in these pages resonates long after you put the pamphlet down.’


    —Jane McKie


    ‘Open-hearted and open-eyed, Patricia Ace’s poems are fearless. In The Lido at Night she explores her conflicting emotions in poems that are honest but also humorous and tender.’


    —Stephanie Green


    ‘A keen observer of social injustice and the complexities of family interactions, Ace’s poems are simultaneously uncompromising and sensitive. She has the ability to depict the most painful (or ribald) scenarios with lyricism and warmth.’


    —Paula Jennings


    ‘Her poems reach outwards, many of them embracing the urban landscape, the grim poverty of many of those who live there, and charting in visceral language the human cost of violence and war. Ace’s work nevertheless leaves the reader with a profound sense of hope, her imagery and the musicality of her language making connections between ideas and disparate times and places, drawing them into a quiet circle of regeneration, tenderness and healing. This is a poet writing at the height of her powers.’


    —Anna Crowe

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