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The Truth Lies | Laura Fyfe

The Truth Lies | Laura Fyfe

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    Laura Fyfe is an award-winning, Buddhist writer with a chronic low boredom threshold. She writes poetry out of necessity, teaches out of compulsion, and writes stories and non-fiction for fun. She facilitates writing workshops and communities across Scotland. She lives in river-deep, mountain-high Stirlingshire—and is the Stirling Makar—and a mum.


    The Truth Lies: the unflinching, hotly anticipated debut from a leading light in Scottish poetry. With poetry full of tenderness and candour, sensuality and vulnerability, Fyfe welcomes you join her reflections on love, death, longing and the myriad conflicting facets of what it is to be a modern woman and mother at the beginning of the 21st century. This is poetry rooted in memory and experience, both warm and painful. Some poems lift your gaze to the sky, some grab you by the throat.


    In ‘Cat Call’, ‘Sand’ and ‘Pearl’ Fyfe challenges the reader to look again at the female form.


    In ‘Body’, ‘Remembrance Bridge’ and the poignant ‘Small Things’ series, Fyfe invites us to consider, through her Buddhist perspective, impermanence and the quest for equanimity, with the unspoken encouragement to appreciate the beauty and scope of the universe: the micro and the macro.


    In ‘I come from’, ‘Fire-Building’, and ‘Teenibash’, Fyfe contemplates family and origins.


    On every page, Fyfe lays herself open / opens herself up. This is poetry that shines with a wounded—but determinedly hopeful—idealism.


    ‘Elegant and spare, Laura Fyfe’s poems have beauty with a bite. Step inside this collection and reap the rewards.’


    —William Letford


    ‘Visceral, heartfelt, true—there’s a raw physicality here but a rare lightness of touch, a haiku-like compactness and clarity. A great wee collection.’


    —Alan Spence

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