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This Script | Jenny Lindsay

This Script | Jenny Lindsay

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    Jenny Lindsay is one of Scotland’s most lauded performance poets and an award-winning programmer of literary events. Described as one of ‘Scotland’s finest cultural innovators,’ (Gutter Magazine), her own poetry, performance and film-poetry has won multiple accolades including a John Byrne Award for Critical Thinking for The Imagined We (2020).


    This Script, in this new, revised and expanded edition invites us to question the schisms in our ‘isms’, the relationship between the individual and the collective, the complex and turbulent contemporary discussions around sex, gender and feminism, with an ultimate, urgent striving for solidarity, empathy, love. Grief and its aftermath, the very human cost of modern, online, political discourse; all are addressed with Lindsay’s trademark wit and lyrical deftness in her most thematically ambitious and poetically playful work to date.


    This Script is sharply written, charmingly performed, and needs saying.’


    —Luke Wright


    ‘A courageous writer who describes the physical and emotional experience of being a woman with a rare openness and honesty and combines fierce sensuality with a searing intellect. (Her) poems are brave, complex, and beautifully performed. One of the greatest talents in contemporary Scottish poetry— emotional, lyrical, perceptive, and always piercingly and unforgettably intelligent.’


    —Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman


    ‘To be a woman today is to be hounded by contradictions—Lindsay’s genius is that she doesn’t try to resolve these contradictions, but simply to embrace them. Warm and engaging (she) brings a refreshing sense of joy to subject matter that is often debated in a much more humourless space.’


    —Sally Stott, The Scotsman


    ‘This is of the now and here and I urge everyone to go see this work, this bold voice, beautiful heart and truly remarkable talent.’


    —Salena Godden


    ‘As well constructed as it is culturally significant, tackling difficult to navigate topics in ways that engage and challenge in equal amounts. Honest, intelligent and thought-provoking.’


    —Dave Hook, aka Solareye

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