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To Live With What You Are | Charlie Gracie

To Live With What You Are | Charlie Gracie

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    Charlie Gracie is originally from Baillieston, Glasgow. His poetry and fiction have been published in a range of journals and anthologies and been shortlisted for a number of literary prizes. He is on the board of directors of the Scottish Writers’ Centre. His first poetry collection, Good Morning, was published in 2010 by diehard publishers, who will publish his second in early 2019. To Live With What You Are is his first novel. Charlie is a social worker and now lives on the edge of the Trossachs.

    Everyone has to be true to what they really are: it goes without saying. But what if what you really are is a creative genius and a committer of random acts of malice? Or a man whose boyhood stunk of booze and blood?

    To Live With What You Are takes you into the world of Maura and James, a couple you’ll never forget. Artistry, violence, love and the pressures of raising a daughter among it all combine to create a story that will seep into the day-to-dayness of your life.

    ‘Ever wish you could un-read something you’ve read? Last novel to get under my skin like this was Michel Faber’s Under the Skin. Be warned: the ending to this one is creepy as eff, uh, curly kih, kicking kih. Charlie’s one of the nicest people you could meet too!’


    —Donal McLaughlin, author & translator

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