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When Rain Becomes Memory | Josephine Scott

When Rain Becomes Memory | Josephine Scott

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    Josephine Scott was born in Northumberland and spent her childhood in Australia. When Rain Becomes Memory is her third collection, following Sparkle and Dance (Red Squirrel Press, 2009) and Rituals (Red Squirrel Press, 2014). Poems have recently been included in This Cullercoats (Iron Press, 2019) and poetry magazines throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. She is a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University.


    ‘We’re All in Our Private Trap’ and ‘The Blues at Midnight’ are, among others, high spots in Josephine Scott’s consolidating second collection Rituals. This new collection picks up, moves forward, and builds on the final line of that previous collection: ‘...look out at the fretful sea, as the westerly pushes it away.’


    ‘In When Rain Becomes Memory the poet is rooted in matters historical and domestic concerning her coastal place of residence whilst responding and sensually exploring the minutia of daily life.’

    —Ric Hool

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